What Was The Relation Between Your Hair-Fall and Your Mobile???

No matter whether you are using a Cellular Phone / Smartphone in this Generation you are directly exposed to the Radiation, We can Describe this as More Technology  More Problem by means of health in different aspects !!!

Firstly we will discuss the regular type of health problems that the current Generation are facing through this Technology, Nowadays Every Electronic Gadget is Wireless where the problem tipped to the top.

Side Effects of Using Mobiles

In order to talk about Side Effects We can discuss about the Blur Vision Which has became the most popular side effect for the Mobile users, This is the occurrence which the User always faced to the mobile or to the PC, The Brightness of the Screen is directly focused into the retina which will cause the Blur Vision.

Sleep Disorders and Radiation

The Gadgets or Mobiles will directly affect our Sleep which leads to the Late Night Sleep’s, Once this becomes the routine the Person will suffer to the Sleep Disorders.

The common thing that all these Generations linked with is putting the mobiles under the pillow or next to the hand available position. This was a Serious Problem where the radiation is very harmful to your Brain.

The Risk Of Brain Cancer

Yes, you may believe or not, Mobiles cause Brain Cancer, Because of the radiation around us, and the radio frequency caused by Electro-Magnetic Waves received by the mobiles. Nowadays the WiFi-Router is the common thing that every House Holds. The Frequency created by these Routers and the Mobiles has the capacity to Cause Serious Health Issues and the Major Health Issue Like Brain Cancers Etc.

What Was The Relation Between Your Hair-Fall and Your Mobile

We discussed above those who are using mobiles will have a Late Sleep 40 out of 100 according to the Research. And also the habits like keeping the mobile next to us While Sleeping and the Wifi-Routers in House are penetrating the Electro-Magnetic radiation into the Human body, Where the Electro-Magnetic Radiation Directly affects Brain which leads stress and Anxiety. Where all the symptoms Merge together to result in the Hair-Fall.


Yes, If you are a Regular Mobile having a mobile in hand always can observe the above symptoms.

What Was The Relation Between Your Hair-Fall and Your Mobile???


  1. Take breaks while you are using the PC or Mobile Continuously.
  2. Avoid keeping Mobile While Sleeping.
  3. Switch off the Routers in Home While You are not connected.
  4. Keep your Head as Far you can From the mobile Screen.
  5. Reduce the Brightness.
  6. Always Maintain Good Charging level in Phone Where the Radiation level of your Phone Will is high With Low Charging.

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