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What Happens When We  Use Earphones Regularly???

How Earphone’s Were Made ???

May the Earphone’s manufactured with different style’s by different Brand’s, But the basic materials used in the Earphone’s are same.

Basically Earphone’s are made up with Magnets, Copper, Rubber and some Electric wiring. Now the Wireless Earphone’s play a vital role in the Day-to-Day Life for Listening the songs or for avoiding the noisy Surroundings whether We are in Office, Road, or in Home. We are adopted to Loud Music  in this Dominating Tech World and we do follow the same when we Hang Up with Earphone’s.

Side Effects Of Earphone’s !

  1. When we use Earphone’s More than Half-an-Hour the Bacteria in our Ear’s Will be Ten times higher than you when you switched to Earphone’s.

  2. When we use Earphone’s Regularly it causes Irritation and the Itch Feel in the Ears due to Bacterial Increase or it may lead to Ear Infections.

  3. Your Hearing Capability will be Suffered and may be reduced if it was continued to hear with loud music regularly.

  4. Your Attention to the surroundings  is less often it was the main source of Accidents.

  5. Your Ear Was Exposed to the Radiation.

  6. It can Also Lead to Vertigo Which were the symptoms like Dizziness, Vomiting Sensation, Nausea Etc.

What Happens When We  Use Earphones Regularly???

Why ???

When You use Earphone’s Just Remember that you are placing it Very Near to the Eardrum, and Which it is also very near to the brain, Which these sounds and Electric radiation will not effect too Early, But it may suffer you in the long run.

Regularly Using Earphone’s may increase Short-Temper Which the Psychologists says  often.

Precautions !

  1. Avoid Long Period of use.

  2. Take breaks from One Lap to Another Lap of Hearing.

  3. Avoid the Earphone’s that which needs to place near to eardrum.

  4. Only Hear at 50% of Volume, 40% Is Suggested.

  5. Maintain Good Quality and Brand in Earphone’s Don’t Compromise.

  6. Always have a Eye on your Surroundings.

  7. Better to Avoid Or Reduce the frequency of Using Earphone’s.

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