Google Pixel 5 Render Leaked Online | Mobiles

Google Pixel 5, or what we can virtually consider as the successor to the Pixel 4, isn't likely to be launched anytime soon. But ahead of any legitimate announcements or teasers, a render that is believed to be of the Google Pixel 5 XL has surfaced. The render suggests some similarities between the Pixel four and Pixel 5 XL.

Google Pixel 5 Render Leaked Online | Mobiles
Google Pixel 5 Render Leaked Online | Mobiles

. Also, it suggestions at the presence of a triple rear digicam setup on the new Pixel phone. Some current reports have suggested the improvement of the Pixel 4a that ought to come as the successor to the Pixel 3a phones. However, we are but to hear any no rumors around the debut of the Pixel 5 or Pixel 5 XL.


YouTuber Jon Prosser has showcased the purported render of the Google Pixel 5 XL through a video posted on his YouTube channel. Prosser notes in the video that the source of the leaked render is “extremely trustworthy,” even though the YouTuber himself spent a couple of days to verify it earlier than making the render public thru the YouTube channel.


The texture, cautioned via the render, at the again of the Pixel 5 XL looks quite similar to what is featured on the Pixel four -- with a gentle matte glass back and a sleek digicam module. Particularly, the digicam module seems to have three distinct photograph sensors, alongside with a wide-angle lens. The camera setup appears to characteristic a divisive sketch that isn't been loved with the aid of everyone.


Just like any other smartphone maker, Google commonly tests multiple prototypes earlier than finalizing a new smartphone design. It is, therefore, possible that the true Pixel 5 XL would come with various adjustments over what we see in the render.


During the narration in the video, Prosser has mentioned that apart from seeing the back, the YouTuber was once able to see the front of the Pixel 5 XL that has a forehead -- simply like the existing Pixel phones. Prosser, however, didn't grant any renders suggesting the front panel of the smartphone.


Google is hosting its I/O 2020 starting May 12 the place it is likely to unveil the Pixel 4a. This would be distinctly cheap over the Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL flagships that are anticipated to unveil at a hardware-focussed event someday in October.