Twitter's testing out a new option that would enable users to receive notifications about replies to another account's tweet.

As should be obvious in the above model, under the test, clients will probably choose any tweet, from any profile, and be told as the exchange develops.

There are three choices listed as follows (Twitter's wording on each, not mine):

Top - Get the most fascinating answers, including ones from the creator, anybody they referenced and persons you follow.

All - Get each new answer

None - You won't get any notifications when people answer

The last choice - to get no notices - is the default, and the one you can pick on the off chance that you need to turn off warnings for the threaded messages.

The choice to buy in to tweet answers was first seen in testing re engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong back in March. As noted in the Announcement above, Twitter's starting the test on the two iOS and Android with a restricted subset of users.

The usefulness of the option is fairl limited in scope, however it has been a regularly mentioned highlight, and it could enable more users to keep in contact with various discussions and points. Brands could likewise hope to utilize the alternative for competitor monitoring - if there's a talk between Competitor  business and a client which you're keen on, you'd be capable remain crosswise over it with less exertion.

Twitter hasn't settled on a full roll out of the updates - we'll keep you updated as we hear the update news.



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