Almost all the upcoming smart phones will have these common features in the upcoming future to make impact in mid range to high end Smartphone’s.

Common Processor

: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

Common Cameras 

: Triple Rear Cameras and Dual Front Camera’s


: 5G

Screen Unlock         

: All Smartphone’s will migrate to In-Display fingerprint sensor.



The Improved AI Technology Finds the Mood of the User and promotes the ad’s  and applications. The App Store it self powers with AI Technology that enable easy interaction of user to the Smartphone and all its applications.

The AI allows users to take selfie when u face the front face cam according the mood and the filters are suggested by AI according to your sorroundings.



This Allows the user with augmented reality that is connected with lens of the users that takes you to the realistic surroundings with the smart glasses.



 Facial unlock and IRIS scan will be the most common security features for all Smartphone’s in the upcoming days.



 Now the some Smartphone’s are able to connect with cars and AC’s and Refrigerators . In future this will be the common feature to all the smart phones that will access through your Bluetooth or by the Internet.


5G Connectivity

All Smartphone’s will access the 5G Network 24X7 where the transfer rate will transfer to TB’s and minimum smart phone Access speed will be 1GB/Sec.

In future Smartphone’s will survive heavy drops from the hands and smart phones will be even survivable if it was dropped under water.

These are the most common features that makes user more comfortable In upcoming future.


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