Microsoft may be a well-known name once it involves PC’s and Tablets however is troubled once when it is involved in mobile phones and accessories. There are rumors that Microsoft is working with its Surface team for a brand new smartwatch which is able to run on Windows OS.

There are rumors that it'll adopt a square design  with Oxynitride Alluminium body that is ten times Better and durable than a normal body.

Microsoft aims to make a business-oriented smartwatch with a lasting battery, massive space for storing, cloud property, Bluetooth and WIFI property. Confirmed  some sources since it is under-testing by the Surface team, we are able to expect it to launch within the year 2020.

The sources say that this company has sent a Prototype model to their Surface team and also the team is testing the prototype model and can sure as superb product before long. The Surface brand can be connected for laptops, hybrids, and PCs immediately. however within the future Surface Phone and Surface watch is additionally doubtless to come back within the market. the model of the Microsoft watch isn’t released or announced, however as per our reliable rumors, it'll go along with associate Oxynitride Alluminium body, which is able to be more durable than regular metal.


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