The brand of the Smartwatch industry shatter all records within the upcoming year would be ASUS, That they are aiming to introduce new Smartwatch for America in 2020. The watch are referred to as ASUS ZenWatch4.


It will be the successor of their previous watches with several advanced options.With a super-strong Wi-Fi and Bluetooth property,  which will almost replace your Smartphone by its super features. just like the ASUS zenwatch3 it's rumored which will same in shape. So, this Smartwatch goes to be one of the biggest competitor  watch which will be out there in 2019.

There are  few alternative options out there within the watch like Asus Weather, Remote Link and even a torch app, which may be put in through the Manager App. it is Bluetooth compatible, will store up to 4GB of music. This watch is additionally aiming to be waterproof. with the exception of not having a GPS system and pulse monitor, this watch is certainly within the bucket list of best Smartwatches of 2020.

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