The Popular PC Game Fortnite had official launched its Season 10 (or) X, Its New Season’s Teaser had been released in Newyork Fortnite Grand Finale League. The Feature of Season 4 Dusty Depot is back in its season X, in this Epic Games also included the new MECH SUIT called B.R.U.T.E. Officially, This Season Comes with Season X Battle Pass that gives over 100 Exclusive


In this Season Fortnite had various Arena Game Mode Updates Including Solo’s and Trio’s Arena

and 10 distinct divisions. In This Season X Weapon Free Zone Also Provided Where You cant fire a weapon.

The Map is Extended Where in this Season Grid Island had been added, in this you can measure area white grid is available at the mid of the island.

This Fortnite Season X offers Team rotations And improvement in the visuals game modes and team rotations from game to game.

According to the announcement you can also find several bug fixes like session expired and joining with the other teams  in several mobile devices also rectified.

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